Do You Look at Your Children and Wish You Could Freeze Time?
First steps, first day of school, first bike ride…the milestones happen fast.

The photos you take should be just as beautiful as the memories you make.


Does this sound like you?
  • You bought a fancy camera to take high-quality photos of your kids, but you still take most of your pictures in auto mode
  • You’re worried that your children are growing up too quickly and you’re missing crucial moments of their childhood with blurred photos and awkward smiles
  • You know you should read the camera manual, but it’s so boring you can’t stick with it
  • You feel intimidated by local photography classes – and you just want to learn the essential skills necessary to take better pictures
  • You want someone to show you how to use your camera without making it overly complicated

If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Many parents are in the same situation. They don’t want to become professional photographers. They just want to feel proud of their family photos.

It’s much easier than you think to improve your photos
from this …
… to this
Wouldn’t It Be Amazing If You Could…
  • Feel completely confident every time you picked up your camera – even in low light or high action.
  • Share amazing photos of your children and get lots of compliments from your friends.
  • Create stunning photo walls in your house filled with gorgeous images of your family.
  • Create beautiful family albums each year with photos that capture every moment of your children growing up.


Photography doesn’t have to be a mystery.

Hi I’m Vicki, one of the UK’s leading family and child photographers and I’m also a mum to 2 boys.

I’ve been photographing families professionally for well over a decade now as well as my own lovely family. And I’ve seen it all! I know how to get gorgeous shots of wiggly, squirmy, (sometimes cranky) kids – and I can show you everything I’ve learnt along the way.

I wasn’t always an expert… My husband bought me my first “fancy” digital camera when I was pregnant with our first child. I was excited but overwhelmed. I didn’t even know where to start!

I just wanted to learn how to take great photos without spending days reading the boring manual. I even attended a few photography courses but walked out more confused than ever.

It took years for me…but it doesn’t have to take that long for you.

I spent months with my head in photography books and in forums learning how to take great photos. It took me awhile because I had to decipher all the “tech talk” and navigate this confusing world on my own.

Even though it took time, I discovered that taking beautiful photos was the best way to share my family’s story, preserve every moment (the big ones and the small ones), and express my creativity.


A self-paced video course for busy parents who want to take better pictures of the people around them.

I’ve been teaching photography workshops to hundreds of parents since 2011.

Now you can take a workshop from me without stepping foot out of your house.

You can complete this online course in your own time. And with lifetime access, you can return to it again and again.

Not only do you get the secret hints and tips that only us pros use, you also get it from a parent who understands the challenges of photographing her children and everyday life too. (I wish a course like this existed when I was learning!)

Answers to All Your Photography Questions
In 5 easy to follow modules, you’ll learn how to take great photos of your family and finally get your fancy camera off “auto.”

  • Discover the 3 big mistakes people make when taking photos and how to ensure you don’t make them
  • Find out why light is one of the most important aspects to great photos and how to find good light in all situations
  • Learn the 4 ways to get that lovely blurry background in your photos
  • Discover a few simple composition tips that will completely transform your photos
  • Find out my simple but effective way to set up your camera to get great results without having to spend weeks reading the manual
  • Ensure you don’t get overwhelmed with thousands of photos left abandoned on your hard drive


Your investment: £60

Ready to start?

Without doubt the most enjoyable and effective course I have taken.

Well-structured, easy to follow, informative and engaging content that has instantly made a huge difference to the photos I am now taking of my children.
Vicki explains what can sometimes be a bewildering and technical subject in a way that is practical and easy to grasp and makes you want to pick up your camera and get shooting immediately.
I couldn’t recommend this course more.

Emily Wright

What We’ll Do Together

This dynamic online video course includes 5 easy to follow modules. Once you sign up, you’ll receive instant access to the course content which you can go through in your own time.

Here are the 5 modules broken down in more detail:

MODULE 1 – Training your eye

  • Learn why your camera is the last thing you should think about when taking a photo|
  • Find out the difference between a snapshot and a portrait (and why it’s important you take both)
MODULE 2 – Light

  • Discover why learning how to see light is more important than learning your camera settings
  • Learn how to deal with all kinds of weather and shooting situations outside
  • Find out what has been ruining your indoor photos and why
MODULE 3 – Composition

  • Progress from just pointing and shooting to getting really creative with your family photos
  • Get the pro secrets on how your angle can dramatically change your photos
  • See how backgrounds take on a whole new meaning
MODULE 4 – Your camera

  • Exposure in a nutshell and my 4 tips for getting a lovely blurry background in your photos
  • Learn the easy & effective way to set up your camera
  • Know what lenses and equipment you should invest in first
MODULE 5 – What to do with your photos afterwards

  • Get my 3 tips to ensure your photos collection doesn’t get out of control
  • Discover my quick and easy guide to editing|
  • Learn insider tips for creating beautiful family albums and photo displays around your home
The Course Includes
  • 12 training videos (2.5 hours in total) that you can access online, any time. Watch them all at once or over time.
  • “How to Photograph Your Family” digital manual. A 100+ page PDF, explaining (in plain English) exactly how to take great photos of your family.
  • Lifetime access. Learn at your own convenience and access the training materials for as long as you need them.
But that’s not all!
I am also including these 3 special bonuses:
  • Pocket cheat sheet to print and put in your camera bag in case you go blank when you’re out and about.
  • Editing tutorial video showing you how to edit an image from start to finish.
  • Action sheets with homework assignments for you to work on, getting you started straight away.

All of this for just £60

Get instant access to the course…

I cannot believe the difference this course has made to my photos in such a short space of time. Vicki’s advice is clear and easy to follow and perfectly targets the likes of myself – a Mum who bought a very nice digital SLR camera to take beautiful pictures of my children but found that I couldn’t quite get the images I wanted. So I always end up using the auto setting and hoping for the best!

This course has enabled me to finally get the gorgeous portraits I have been striving for. Vicki’s own images throughout the course are beautiful and will inspire me to keep practicing! I know I will return to a number of the modules over and over when I am looking for inspiration!

Tina Parsons

Why Should You Take an Online Course?

The best moments in life happen fast. That’s why this online course keeps up with your busy life. From start to finish, the videos take under 3 hours. Want to complete the whole thing in a cafe on a Saturday morning? Go for it! Or perhaps you’d rather divide it up over 30 minutes each evening while the kids are in bed. It’s your choice….go through the course at times that suit you.

This course is so much more than an e-book. I talk you through every step you need to know to take great photos of your children. 

Remember, you have lifetime access to the course so you never “fall behind” and you can refer back to the materials whenever you need to. You can also take the course on your computer, smart phone, or tablet for maximum convenience.

Each lesson has a video where I walk you through exactly what you need to know – it’s the next best thing to me sitting next to you and showing you what do to next. You also receive a PDF manual that you can download for easy reference.

I had never undertaken an online course before and to be honest was a little apprehensive about how much I would learn but I really shouldn’t have worried!

At the end of this course, I am now confident in picking up my camera and understanding the best settings to use to get fabulous looking photos of my children. Vicki is engaging in her lectures and after each lecture, I could not wait to practice what I had learnt. I feel that this course is a must if you have a DSLR and regularly shoot on Auto and want to get off this setting and achieve results that you are proud of.

Karen Howcroft

Don’t Wait…Time Is Precious

You realise the importance of beautiful photographs and the stories they hold. And you understand that this is more than an investment in you and your creativity. You’re investing in your family’s memories. These are the pictures your children will share with their children. The pictures that will be handed down and treasured for generations. Give every memory the chance to be captured exactly as you see it…..every smile, every giggle, every step of this amazing journey.

My guarantee to you

I want you to be delighted with the results you achieve from the course. If you aren’t happy with the photos you are taking after completing the course, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. I’m so confident your photos will improve after taking this course, that I make the purchase completely risk-free for you.

Your investment £60

Lets get started!


Still, have questions? Here are more details about the course.
Is this course for me?
If you are a parent who is frustrated with the photos they are taking of their children, then yes it is! The course is designed for beginners who are using their cameras in the auto mode. Lots of parents have taken my course who’ve been confused by other photography classes. When they learn from me, it suddenly all makes sense! I break everything down for you in an easy to understand way.
Can I see more of Vicki’s work?

Of course, you can see more of my work here on my family photography website.

What kind of camera do I need?
You need a camera that allows you to shoot out of auto mode, so a DSLR, bridge or modern compact camera. However even if you are just shooting with an iPhone, you’ll gain a lot of value from the modules on light, composition and what to do with your photos afterward. Click here to see my advice on what camera to buy.
Will you provide feedback on my photos?

Individual feedback isn’t included in the price of the course.

What if I get stuck on something?
The videos and PDF are easy to understand and have been tested on many other parents. As every camera model varies, you may be required to check your manual for some of the points. If you get really stuck, you can just ask in the discussion forum and I’ll do my best to help.
I’m outside of the UK, can I still take the course?
Absolutely! I am based in the South of England, but one of the reasons I wanted to create this online course was so I could help parents worldwide to take better photos. The price is in GBP but the payment processor will convert it to your own currency.
Can I buy the course and share it with my friend?
I’m afraid not. Each purchase is only applicable to one household. So you and your other half can take the course together no problem, but you can’t share your log-in details or the PDF manual with anyone else.
What do I need to watch the course videos?
As long as you have a computer, iPad or smart phone then you can take the course. You do need a fairly strong broadband signal but as long as you can watch the video at the top of this page then you’ll be fine.
What if I don’t see any difference in my photos?
I’m so confident that you’ll see an improvement in your photos that I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. So if you feel like you haven’t seen any change in your photos, you can get a full refund so you have nothing to lose!
I have another question you haven’t answered.
Great! You can contact me here to ask any questions you may have.

A really well-organised course that was perfect for me. I’ve had a ‘flashy’ camera for a while and haven’t known how to take a photo outside of the auto setting. This course has changed my photography for the better! I now know how to take photos with the blurry background and my photos of our kids are 100 times better than they were before. Vicki has a great way of explaining things in a simple, straightforward manner that is very easy to understand and put into practice. I would hugely recommend this course to others.

Olivia Nichols

Your investment £60

Lets get started!