Mentoring for photographers

Running a photography business is incredibly satisfying but can also be completely overwhelming

You don’t have to figure it out by yourself anymore.
I can help you.

mentor for photographers
photography mentor

Are you hunting around in the dark for answers?

There is so much to do and think about when running a photography business. 

And there is so much information out there – it’s tricky to know who to listen to. 

What if you had someone to take you by the hand and show you how to run a thriving business that doesn’t leave you overwhelmed and stressed out?

I have well over a decade of running a thriving business as a Surrey family photographer and personal branding photographer and co-hosting an award-winning photography podcast.

I’m an expert at running a diverse and successful business whilst creating a great balance in my life.

But it wasn’t always this way! I’ve learnt from my mistakes, which makes me a better mentor to you.

I’m also trained in NLP, I’m a certified Confidence Coach and I’m currently training as a Positive Psychology Coach Practitioner. So you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re learning from a successful photographer who is also trained in coaching.



There is so much to do and you just don’t know where to start or what to focus on



You know you’re too cheap but you’re scared to put your prices up in case you never get booked again



You spend too long doom-scrolling and comparing your work and your business unfavourably with other photographers


You don’t have to do this alone any more




We look at your strengths and how you can use these within your business. We address any limiting beliefs you have that may be holding you back in your business. 



We’ll work together to plan your big-hearted marketing strategies which suit your personality and will attract your soulmate clients.



 Pricing is so often a stumbling block for photographers. We’ll work through those money blocks that might be holding you back and create sustainable pricing for you that you feel confident with. 



 This programme is completely personalised so we will work on the areas of your photography business that are going to make the most difference. 

photographer mentor



My 3 month 121 mentoring programme for big-hearted photographers

I’ll work closely with you to help you build a thriving photography business that delights both yourself and your clients.

We’ll work on your mindset, your style, branding, marketing and anything else that will help you to grow a business that you love.

Over a 3 month period, you’ll have 4x 1-2-1 training sessions with me. We’ll space them out over the 3 months giving you time to take action in between each of our calls.

You’ll also have access to me via email during the 3 months so I can answer any questions or thoughts you have in between our sessions.

You’ll also get free access to my online course ‘The Thriving Family Photographer’ worth £225 or ‘The Art & Business of Personal Branding Photography’.


photographer mentor

Vicki is supportive, caring, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Not only is Vicki a creative and talented photographer, but she is also an inspiring teacher and mentor.

She has the passion to see others do well, and the ability to share her wisdom in a way that a few others can. I highly recommend Vicki’s mentoring program. 

Veronica Chironda


photographer 121 mentor

Bespoke 121 Mentoring

5 hours of 121 time with me to help you ditch the overwhelm and give you the confidence and strategies you need to grow the photography business of your dreams. 

Imagine having a supportive mentor & cheerleader by your side for 3 months to motivate you to build a thriving business that you love. 

You’ll go from feeling a little lost and overwhelmed to having total clarity and confidence in what you’re doing. 


family photographer course

My Flagship Course

The mentoring programme also includes access to my proven course, which includes over 7 hours of dynamic content covering everything you need to know to run a thriving photography business.

You can watch these videos in your own time, so we’re not wasting valuable mentoring time. This means our time together is laser-focused on your needs.

If branding photography is your focus, you can have access to my branding photography course instead. 

If you, like me, are a photographer who shies away from any part of your photography business apart from taking photos, then this is the programme for you! 

Vicki has an enormous wealth of knowledge about how to make your photography business thrive. 

Vicki is an amazing teacher who is willing to impart all of her knowledge in an easy to understand way. I cannot recommend this programme enough. 

Sue Walker-Nix

photography mentor


What they said 

I contacted Vicki for a mentoring session, as despite working as a professional photographer for 7 years, I felt I needed to change certain aspects of my business in order to move things forward. I thought Vicki would be the perfect person to help with this. 

I wasn’t disappointed. We covered everything I needed to in the session (and more!) and I left with a solid strategy to work on for the year ahead. Vicki was so lovely to work with and very generous in the amount of knowledge she shared. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Felicity Lass

I came away with a whole new mindset on how to run a thriving photography, professional and profitable photography business. 

One that fits my life and brings me and my clients joy. 

Vicki is very generous with her knowledge and experience and has been highly supportive throughout. I would highly recommend working with her.

Aby Rafter

I contacted Vicki with my passion and dream of building my own photography business and having absolutely no idea where to start.

I could not have asked for a better mentor. Vicki is incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely wants to help.

Her experience shines through when chatting and giving advice. I am so thankful for all the words of wisdom and giving me the confidence to set up a business that I am truly proud of. A very worthy investment … thank you Vicki. 

Naomi McLaughlin

Your investment



mentoring programme fo photographers


 3 month 121 mentoring programme with bespoke coaching and expert guidance to help you build the photography business of your dreams.

4x 75 minute mentoring sessions (via zoom)
My signature programme (worth £225)
Access to me via email for 3 months
Paid in instalments over 3 months


family photographer course


My step-by-step programme to help you build a thriving family photography business that delights both yourself and your clients. Self-paced so you work through the content in your own time. 



Why would I need a mentor for my photography business?

If you’re business is thriving – you’re not overwhelmed or working all hours, you’re making a good profit and attracting your dream clients, and you’re happy with exactly where you are – then I would say you probably don’t!

But if you are struggling in your business then a good business mentor will be worth the investment. Maybe you’re too busy but know you’re not making enough money. Or perhaps you’re too quiet and struggling to attract clients. 

A business mentor will work with you and help you to see things that it’s difficult to see when you’re working so hard IN your business. 

They will help you with any mindset blocks that may be holding you back, and give the the confidence to take your photography business to the next level. 

I'm nervous about investing this much money in my business & myself

I understand. It can be nerve-racking to invest in yourself. But how will you ever move forward in your business without investing in it? Training is one of the best investments you can make in your business. If you action the tips and strategies I teach, I’m certain you’ll make the money back in your business very quickly. And you’ll be more confident in yourself and your business too. 

I haven't started my photography business yet - is this mentoring programme still suitable for me?

I would advise you to develop your photography skills first and build a portfolio before investing in a business mentoring programme. If you want to learn the basics of light, composition and more, you can check out my online photography course for parents

If you are just in the stage of setting your website up and launching your business, then a mentoring programme like this is perfect. You can then make sure you get everything right from the beginning and can ask as many questions as you like throughout. 

I've run my photography business for a long time but I'm still struggling to make a success of it. Is this mentoring programme right for me?

Yes definitely. I have trained photographers who have been in business for over a decade, and they’ve all seen brilliant results. If your business is struggling in one area, there is usually a reason why.

During this program we can get to the bottom of what that is, and get your business to where you want it to be.

I'm worried I'm not good enough

Ah the good old imposter syndrome! If you are concerned that your photography isn’t at the right level to invest in a business mentoring programme, I’m more than happy to look over your portfolio first and let you know if I feel like you would benefit from investing in technical photography training first.

Just email me at with a link to your work if you’d like some reassurance before you apply.

In this programme, I don’t teach the technicalities of shooting. There is a module about shooting in the online course where I talk about how to manage a shoot and create a brilliant experience & results for your clients. But if you are looking for a course just about the technicalities of shooting then this isn’t it. This programme is more focused on your mindset and the business side of running a photography business…and delighting our clients is at the core of that. If you struggle with self-confidence, then that’s one of the reasons you should sign up. This programme will massively help you with that as you can see from the lovely testimonials I’ve received.

Can I just book one call with you rather than a full mentoring programme?

Yes I also offer 75 minute one-off calls to help with one area of your business that you’re feeling stuck on  Here are all of the details about my Business Boost calls.


Over the 3 months you will have access to my signature programme, The Thriving Family Photographer. (You can have the branding photography course included instead if that’s more suited to your work) You can work through the content in your own time. This way our 121 sessions can be kept for laser-focused coaching just for you.

We’ll have 5 hours together over the 3 month period. You can use this time how you wish. 

Then you will also have access to me on either WhatsApp or Facebook messenger throughout the 3 months so you can ask me questions whenever you think of them.

You’ll also get permanent access to my private Facebook group where you can ask questions even after our 3 months are over.


Yay, I’m so pleased you want to get started!

I take on a very limited amount of photographers for this mentoring programme in Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun and Sept-Nov each year. 

Fill in the application form, and then if I think we’ll be a good fit I’ll contact you for a quick call before I get you booked in.

I’m excited to work with you!

photography mentor