Saturday’s ‘photography for parents’ workshop in Cobham


On Saturday morning we had a great time at my last workshop of the year. Karl and the boys dropped me off so we were able to get a few shots of me (with the goody bags!) in the entrance to the Medicine Garden. You’ll spot Harrison in one too; he’s never one to miss a photo opportunity!

We always get outside for a bit in each workshop so that everyone can practice the new camera settings they’ve learnt. Someone mentioned in a previous workshop that it would be really useful to see me ‘in action’ and demonstrate how I photograph someone. So I did a little headshot demo as part of the workshop and used the lovely Alice as my model (and what a great model she made!) You can see the resulting headshot in this montage above. 

Here are a few of the comments from the feedback forms: 

“..would recommend this course to anyone, it’s been really brilliant.”
“..this course delivered exactly the type of content that I hoped it would. Having done courses previously I have often been overwhelmed with too much information when I just want to know enough to take good pictures of people! Thank you so much.”
“…FANTASTIC! Enough detail without being overly complicated.”

As this was my last workshop of the year, I’ve been buy amoxicillin mexico reflecting on how successful they have been this past year, and how much I have loved doing them. I have done 7 workshops this year, which is pretty good considering I only planned to do 1 or 2 for past clients & friends who had asked if I would do one! The workshops have proved to be more popular than I could ever have dreamed of, and I just love running them. Knowing that this year I have taught more than 50 people how to use their cameras properly, see the light and take great photos as a result, is hugely satisfying! 

I plan to run even more photography workshops for beginners in 2012 and will be adding some new and different workshops to the schedule as well. To make it easier for you to see everything I am offering, I am currently having a website designed especially for my workshops. Fingers crossed it will all be finished at the beginning of next year…watch this space! 

The Jan workshop has already sold out, so we have announced another date on Friday 27th Jan. There are 2 spaces left on the Feb workshop, so book your place quickly. I also have gift vouchers available (workshops make a great Christmas present!), drop me an email for more details. 

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